Peek Freans has taken upon themselves to promote women's football in the country time and again with various initiatives.

According to the details, building on the success of Ronaldinho and Friends last year, Chocolicious continued the legacy by making a big impact around the FIFA World Cup 2018 with a super catchy football anthem, ‘DhakDhak Goal’, under the #YehHaiMeriGame campaign.

Chocolicious being Pakistan's ultimate chocolate chip cookies, holds a lot of popularity nationwide, especially among younger generation.

The EBM has not only given the youth of Pakistan a snack which they can enjoy at any given occasion on their own and share with others, but also a brand that recognizes the passion points of today’s youth and strongly resonates with them.

The Chocolicious campaigns are not just promotional, but also provide the youth something to talk about and engage with, as football is the fastest growing sport in Pakistan.

This time around, however, they have lent their support to the game in a rather different but equally important manner. The focus is on supporting football on a grassroots level, which any athlete or sports lover in Pakistan would agree is the need of the hour. Despite having no shortage of raw talent in the country, unfortunately, we have not opened a lot of doors for our players to groom themselves professionally and prove their merit on a national and international level. In this case, it is a welcome gesture by the brand to be creating new avenues for aspiring players who will eventually go on to represent the country on greater levels.

The Karachi United Women Football Team recently participated in the Pakistan Football Federation’s National Women’s Championship, the highest level of football competition for women in Pakistan. This competition was held from October 15th to 25th 2018, in Lahore. In a wonderful gesture, Chocolicious has made one such team’s dream come true by sending them to the National Women’s Football championship in Lahore.

This gesture is, even more, applaud-worthy because it is in support of women athletes, who struggle the most with getting ahead professionally despite having equal talent and zeal. It is a known fact that female players don't get a lot of recognition and opportunities in the country due to lack of resources.

Brands taking such initiatives will only open up new avenues for them and help their careers grow. We hope a lot more brands take a leaf out of Peek Freans Chocolicious' book and extend their support to the talented professional women of Pakistan.