LAHORE - Senior Punjab Minister Abdul Aleem Khan has strongly condemned the irresponsible statement of Sardar Ayaz Sadiq and said that under the guise of politics, is it possible to please the enemy country and campaign against Pakistan and the Army.? He added that it had been proved that Ayaz Sadiq, following the footsteps of his leader Nawaz Sharif in spewing poison against national institutions that is why he has committed such a heinous act. 

Aleem Khan said that every patriotic citizen is concerned about the statement of Ayaz Sadiq and the only thing that can be said about him is that he has only pleased India and its media.

Aleem Khan said that Nawaz League is conspiring against the army and is making statements against patriotism. 

Such irresponsible behaviour is very shameful; the nation has recognized these ugly faces, who do not shy away from risking national security for their interests. Aleem said that it is not acceptable to make the Armed Forces of Pakistan and national institutions controversial. Pakistan is facing internal threats like Ayaz Sadiq instead of external enemies who want to hide their identity by throwing mud on national institutions. Aleem Khan further said that every citizen is compelled to think why Ayaz Sadiq is worried about a more hostile country than Pakistan. Why is he also befriending Abi Nandan, who has a soft spot for Kulbhushan Yadav?