In the wilderness, a beacon of light;

Hope for the dying humanity arise,

The will of the evil thence smite,

Like a rain on the thirsty desert’s might;

Lo! The savior of humankind arrives.

Born an orphan in the elite of the tribe; 

Stood against the evil with resolve and strive,

Denounced their customs and proclaimed, to abide;

“Do not bury your daughters alive!”

Resolute and steadfast, Abraham’s descendent;

Proclaimed infidel gods, redundant,

Preacher of Oneness, idols he trod;

“Truly, there is none but only one God.”

Sheath thy swords, live in tranquility;

Love, brotherhood, peace and equality,

This was the message, he carried along;

Through the deserts and the mountains strong.

Richest of the tribe, strongest and the proud;

Oppressed, weak, and the poor of the Lord,

By his charisma and the verses he brought;

Succumbed to the faith and testified in God.

The guide for the mankind of all the breeds;

Jews, Christians and other creeds,

Through the Koran and his personal deeds;

This is the Commandment of the Lord;

“Verily! Muhammad is the last Messenger of God.”