‘Go-Nawaz-Go’ is gradually picking up momentum to face the PML-N leaders when they show up in public.

In Lahore, ‘Go-Nawaz-Go’ was chanted on Monday at two separate functions attended by Federal Minister Ahsan Iqbal and Punjab CM Adviser on Health Khwaja Salman Rafiq. Similar situation emerged Sunday on the arrival of Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid at the airport.

The slogan chanters don’t feel hesitant but boldly speak in the face of the leaders. The slogan, against an elected prime minister, originated from the Islamabad sit-ins of Pakistan Tehrike Insaaf (PTI) and Pakistan Awami Tehrik (PAT), and its popularity among the masses is being regarded as their great success and an effect of their public awakening campaign.

This slogan was sought to be put on the currency notes by the PAT chief but he withdrew his instructions given the fact it counterfeited the notes in terms of law.

The campaign of Go-Nawaz-Go after being systematically launched and promoted by the PTI on social media now has come to the real life with a bang so much so that it chased the prime minister during his visit to America where he addressed the United National General Assembly.

The spirit to speak against the rulers and the public representative in the face, came to the public at large following the practical ouster of former interior minister Rahman Malik and PML-N MNA Dr Ramesh by the Karachi passengers aboard an Islamabad-bound flight of the PIA that was kept on the hold by over two hours allegedly waiting for the arrival of the former minister.

Initially the ‘Go-Nawaz Go’ was quite at a low profile though once it was uttered on an occasion when the PM himself was present on a flood inspection visit to AJK.

The yell of Go-Nawaz-Go got a height when the flood affected in distress failed to get any relief from the government.

Some days ago, PML-N Khyber PK President Pir Sabir Ali Shah at a party convention chanted ‘Go-Nawaz-Go’ which was highly flashed by electronic media. The emerging situation was quite embarrassing for the central leadership of the party but Shah, next day addressing a press conference, explained this position that his slogan was a slip of tongue and he did not raise that slogan deliberately. He said he in fact wanted to chant ‘Go-Imran-Go’.

The most startling scenario came up on Saturday last when Hamza Shahbaz Sharif was addressing a function officially held in relation to International Tourism Day. During Hamza’s speech, the whole Alhrama Hall resounded with ‘Go-Nawaz-Go’ slogan. He was addressing the audience already ill at ease due to two hours late arrival of the chief guest. During his speech when Hamza turned to criticise Imran Khan, a lady from the audience went up and chanted ‘Go-Nawaz-Go’ and in a flash the whole hall accompanied her to his tremendous embarrassment.

Rapidly winding up his speech, Hamza Shahbaz made his way out but the audience, majority comprising students and women, did not let him go away so easily and came out chanting the slogans. The situation became such that the security persons had to tightly escort him to his vehicle which drove him out amid the slogans.

If analysing the situation, one can readily discern the public fury which obviously reflects their problems for which they hold the rulers responsible. Would the people stop venting their rage or the government would do something to comfort their agitated feeling and stop the situation from getting worse, would be answered only by the time.