First Karachi then Multan and now Gujranwala. Dew Moto Extreme has been traveling around Pakistan giving people a taste of extreme action!

By extreme we’re referring to Die Hard, Salt, Fast & Furious, Baby Driver and Red category of stunts, the ones you’ve probably day dreamed of pulling off. Well guess what?! Mountain Dew is giving you a chance to witness them LIVE!! 

For its 5th edition, Dew Moto Extreme kickstarted its first show in Karachi on 21st September followed by Multan on 26th September.

So far, we had seen wild stunts being performed by the internationally renowned stuntmen and woman! We know for a fact that Pakistan has never ever witnessed a woman performing stunts similar to Stacey Lee May.

The dew daredevil’s aka Dallan Goldman, Fredrick Frog Bergren and Nick De Witt on FMX bikes, Stacey Lee May, Mike Skelton and Jim McFarlane on cars have flaunted the passion that Mountain Dew is already famous for. We’ve also seen power packed performances by the likes of Ali Azmat, AUJ and Kashmir the Band. 

History was made in the small city of Gujranwala when the Dew daredevils literally flew with their bikes from one end of Jinnah Stadium to the other…we’re talking serious gravity defying tornado of smoke style stunts. You can’t begin to imagine the energy on ground. With an adrenaline rush like none other, crowd sitting on the edge of their seats kept rooting for the dew athletes asking for more…imagine fifteen thousand people rooting on the top of their lungs!! We have to admit, you need some serious passion to take on a profession that puts your life on the line. Lesson learnt: Dewers definitely don’t follow…they lead! 

For all those who weren’t in Karachi, Multan or Gujranwala and you still want to witness the action LIVE - Dew Moto Extreme is traveling to Islamabad and Lahore. You’d be a bore to not have attended this…so book tickets NOW!!