LAHORE – Capital City Police Officer and SSP (Discipline and Inspection) have recommended the major penalty of removal from service for Naulakha Circle DSP, SHO, SI, ASI and two constables on charges of patronising gangsters.  

The Inquiry Officers, Lahore CCPO Aslam Tareen and SSP (D&I) Shariq Kamal Siddique have established that Naulakha DSP Babar Bin Dilawar, SHO Naulakha Javed Gujjar, SI Muhammad Latif, ASI Muhammad Ijaz and their two subordinates were involved in taking drugs, patronising a notorious drug peddlers. They had also been found involved in incriminating an innocent rickshaw driver Shahid and harassed the victim family.

“I am weeding out such black sheep from the department,” Addl IGP Aslam Tarren told this scribe. Confirming the inquiries, he said the aforesaid cops were involved in malicious business of drugs, and they would not be spared at any cost.

Khalida Riasat, a victim woman and resident of Makhanpura in Shadbagh, maintained in her application submitted to the CCPO that Naulakha SHO Javed Gujjar had incriminated her innocent rickshaw driver son Shahid on fabricated charges. Three police inspectors of the Discipline Branch of CCPO office, during the course of inquiry, ascertained that SHO Javed, SI Latif, Ijaz and their two subordinates had intentionally incriminated Shahid. “Actually, Shahid’s neighbor Shahzad had asked him to take crates of mangoes from the Fruit Market on June 6,” a senior cop said.

“I noticed a crate wrapped in cloth sheet when Shahid parked his rickshaw on my ramp; upon which, I asked him to take it home,” Malik Nadir, owner of the ramp, told the investigating team.

According to the investigators, Shahid found the crate filled with charras and informed his mother and neighbors, who asked him to inform the police concerned immediately.

Fortunately, before informing the police, Shahid phoned his friend Khawar Zaidi, also a police inspector currently deputed in Security Division Lahore, and informed about the occurrence. Zaidi snubbed Shahid asking him to approach police station concerned. Zaidi also confirmed the happening in his written statement.

Mistakenly, instead of visiting the Shadbagh, Shahid visited Naulakha police station and informed SHO Javed Gujjar. After knowing the facts, Javed asked him to go back. Later, a few cops raided Shahid’s home and arrested him along with the charras.

On June 8, SHO informed Khalida Riasat that Shahid was innocent and would be released but on the overnight, he booked him on criminal charges. Inquiry officers learned the SHO had implicated the innocent informer and concealed the facts. By maneuvering and using links, Javed approached the CCPO and declared he was innocent on which, the CCPO directed SSP (D&I) to conduct the inquiry. “This time, Javed told the inquiry officer that DSP Babar Bin Dilawar had raided and arrested Shahid and also had recovered five kg charras inside his office. But later on, he mentioned only two kg charras in the FIR keeping the remaining three kg with himself”, the senior officer said.

According to him, the SSP recommended dismissal of DSP, SHO, SI, ASI and two constables from service and also issued them show-cause notices on criminal charges. “CCPO himself interrogated both the parties, and even SP Multan Khan appeared before the CCPO and narrated the facts, on which, Aslam Tareen confirmed the recommendation for dismissal of the police officials,” he added.