KARACHI - K-Electric has adopted the practice of sending excessive bills to the helpless consumers on a permanent basis.
According to the details, Karachiites have complained that the private power company has adopted injustice practice since long but the authorities concerned have close their eyes over illegal and unfair act of K-Electric. Long queues of people are witnessed outside the complaint offices of the power company on daily basis.  Citizens at the complaint centres of K-E complained that the power company has sent inflated bills and put burden of unjustified thousand of rupees arrears on them. Several complainants alleged that private company has fined them thousand of rupees on behalf of hook connection but they didn’t have any illegal connection. The company representative without any visit and proof fined us, they claimed.
They also complained that the inflated bills were much higher than the actual consumption of power. They said that usually electricity bills range from 2,500 to 4,000 rupees so they could not afford to pay such an excessive bill sent by the KESC. The bills were sent on average basis because no official of the K-E noted the meter reading in the area. However, residents of various localities have complained that the K-E officials are providing temporary power connections through the kunda. They are constantly receiving the fixed bills from Rs3, 000 to 5,000. However, the power company raided their houses and imposed fine of Rs15, 000 against the illegal connections, which is totally illegal and unjustified.
“If K-E cannot collect the bills from dishonest consumers then why should the honest ones pay on their behalf,” they questioned. An official of the K-E, on the condition of anonymity, said that as the KESC faced massive line losses so the management gave a task to the operational staff to balance the losses through average billings and imposing fines. Following the task, the KESC employees were bound to fulfill the demands of the high ups.