Today, we have more social networks for campaigns to consider for advertising and outreach, including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Even political candidates are using Facebook pages and Twitter accounts for their campaigns. US President Barack Obama joined Twitter. PTI Chairman Imran Khan boosted his sit-ins with engaging posts on social media. Hillary Clinton is another example of a political candidate with a wide array of social media initiatives. Urwa Hocane and her younger sister Mawra Hocane shock fans every other day in News Feed. Also, ISPR tweets and it becomes a news story. Regardless of what you are trying to sell, people are no longer interested in the age-old ads they have been seeing on TV. For this reason, digital marketing is now a serious business. That’s why brands are now mentioning Facebook links on streamers. That’s why Sophee Smiles and Brandon Stanton are popular faces. That’s why Axact came under investigation after an article in the New York Times.

But here in Pakistan, I can’t name one career backed by qualified professionals. Military, although overrated, still has some repute as mothers wish their sons wear the army uniform. Otherwise, you can easily see the worst hierarchy in almost every public and private institution. I started off the article with media, especially the web, because I see so many loopholes. I used to believe that newspapers set standards. I was proven wrong when I saw totally incapable editors and journalists working in so-called credible media houses. Their grammar was terrible. And of course, it doesn’t matter like the cheapness of a vote. Similar was a professor in university who had worse communication skills but was leading the business school. Embarrassing are the reports unveiling sale of donkey meat in Lahore. Can’t you connect the dots? At least accept that ‘everything is wrong in this country’. I was happy when PTI Chairman Imran Khan presented his ideology, the concept of a welfare state. And our people are seriously so dumb when they fail to separate the right from the wrong. Unfortunately, with the inclusion of people like Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Sheikh Rasheed, many young people have rightly lost hopes. Again, wrong people deliver wrong results.  

No less are TV commercials and local dramas, maltreated to perfection. This country has so much ‘Indian venom’ in its veins that no medicine does the cure. The traditions of Hindus are proudly practiced in every other street. From marriages to family norms, Indian touch is adopted. In this case, amateur qualifications refer to groundless scholars and illiterate parents. Again, wrong people deliver wrong result. I hope you are combining all these domains. And I will try to uncover amateur qualifications and their combined impact on Pakistan’s health.

Now let’s analyze what patriotic Pakistanis hear all the time:

·        “Pakistan is an Islamic state. We follow Islam where it suits us…”

·        “Power crisis will end next year…”

·        “MQM rules Karachi, PML-N rules Punjab, PPP rules Sindh…”

·        “Pakistan Army takes the entire budget…”

·        “It’s an American conspiracy…”

·        “I will go to America for higher studies…”

·        “Allama Iqbal International Airport looks like Lari Adda…”

·        “US drone attacks kill suspected militants in Balochistan…”

·        “Vote Bhutto ko he dena ha…”

·        “Bhai jobs to hain hi nae…”

·        “My uncle is in army. Rules don’t apply to me…”

·        “Larki ko jahez da kar bahjna…”

I see a connection between ‘desi culture’ and professionals not being true to their work. Since what people become has a lot to do with their home and school environment, we are filling wrong people on wrong slots. Again, wrong people deliver wrong results.  

The price of each thing is derived from its demand and supply. In Pakistan’s case, there is no demand. I don’t see people raising voices for basic issues. Citizens don’t demand cleanliness in the cities. Because mothers never trained kids to stay clean. Parents don’t demand better education system. Because they themselves were part of the same education system. They only worry about marriages and salaries. Students don’t demand better jobs. What’s funny is that they repeat “Yes Sir” and “Yes Boss” nine hours daily. Similarly, patients blame doctors and doctors blame the government. Engineers are jobless. There are so many fake degrees. There is no respect for bicycle riders. No plants. No water. Thinkers and writers don’t even exist here. The same old puppets are making money on television shows. Unfortunately, there are so many amateur qualifications in our society that we never bother to get qualified.