Pakistan has become the first Asian country to win Associate Membership of CERN the European Organization for Nuclear Research this is a great honour. The Pakistan flag will be raised on January 1st 2015, at the headquarters of CERN to mark Pakistan’s formal entry into the world’s premier scientific organization, engaged in investigating fundamental structure of the universe. The associate membership of CERN would allow Pakistani scientists to attend its meetings and participate in its governance. They would be able to take part in its training and career development programs and might even become its staff members. The relationship would open up possibilities for industrial collaboration in advanced technology.

CERN granted this status to Pakistan due to its sound technological background and seriousness of Pakistani government in promoting technology and scientific education. Pakistan has been engaged with CERN since the 1990’s, now it will have greater partnership. Two teams of 30 Pakistanis engineer already work with CERN and now more will be able to do so. Science is not just a pursuit of knowledge but also a basic requirement to help build a nation. We in Pakistan believe this wholeheartedly.


Lahore, December 29.