Lahore - United Business Group (UBG) of FPCCI on Wednesday won 11 out of 12 seats in the FPCCI annual elections. Presidential candidate of UBG defeated Senator Ghulam Ali representing Businessmen Panel (BMP).

According to the announcement by election commission, Rauf Alam won the elections. Similarly, Khalid Tawab of UBG won the seat of Senior Vice President of FPCCI, winning with wide margin from BMP candidate Sufi Tanveer.

UBG’s candidate Mian Rehman Aziz Chan won elections from Punjab to become VPO FPCCI, while UBG’s Zulfiquar Ali Sheikh won election from Sindh province.

UBG candidates Sajida Zulfiquar representing women chambers, Jumma Khan representing small traders, Chairman Abad Hanif Gohar and former president ICCI Zafar Bakhtawri also won to become vice presidents of FPCCI. BMP’s candidate Riaz Khattak defeated UBG’s candidate for vice presidency of FPCCI from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Malik Asad.

Iftikhar Ali Malik, Chairman UBG, said that the result of election indicates confidence of business community in the UBG policies.

The United Business Group chairman said that keeping in view of the past experience, it was difficult to cause a dent in the formidable unity of the business community under the banner of the United Business Group.

Group chairman said that we firmly believe in rule of law, promotion of democratic system and strengthening of national economy by safeguarding the interests of traders. He said that FPCCI will continue to work with the sole objective to forward solid proposals to the government for economic progress and prosperity.

He said that despite unprecedented crisis at national level, all efforts were made to restore the confidence of the business community. He hailed the business community for reposing confidence in UBG in the larger interests of the economy of the country. He said the UBG would continue to serve the business community in the larger interest of economy and would urge government to form business friendly policies.

He said that business community decided to vote for UBG keeping in view the policies of UBG and our efforts against corruption.

Speaking on the occasion newly elected president Rauf Alam said that he will try best to serve the interests of business community. He said that neglected areas would be preferred and women would be empowered.

He said that he will leave no stone unturned to come up to the expectations of UBG leaders and business community of Pakistan.