ISLAMABAD - Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi yesterday said that India was planning a misadventure against Pakistan to divert the international attention from the controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill that had thrown the whole country into protests.

Speaking at an advisory meeting at the Foreign Ministry, Qureshi said that India could stage a false flag operation along the Line of Control amid the protests spree in the country.

“The whole of India is protesting. India can do anything to divert the attention (from the controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill). They have been planning a false flag operation,” he said.

The FM said that the Indian government’s Hindutva ideology, designed against the Muslims, was severely damaging the country’s democratic norms. He urged upon the world to take notice on vulnerability of minorities.

“Damage to India is coming from within as Hindutva is tearing apart democratic values,” he said, reacting to the maltreatment of Islamic leaders in Uttar Pradesh in India on their protest against the controversial law. He also condemned the manhandling of Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi after Indian police grabbed her by neck and pushed to the ground. “How can we expect better for a common man when a prominent political leader like Priyanka Gandhi, is treated this way,” he said.

Says Delhi planning misadventure

Qureshi said that the situation was not confined to just one religion or region, but was gradually spreading to entire India. “India has been clearly divided into two ideologies – one supporting a secular country and other in favour of Hindutva,” he added.

The FM urged upon the international community to rise above their personal interests and take notice of the humanitarian crisis in India and Occupied Jammu and Kashmir valley.

Later, speaking at an inter-Ministerial meeting here, Qureshi said that the fire that New Delhi had lit in occupied Kashmir on August 5 had now spread across India.

The meeting deliberated on Indian atrocities in the held Valley and critical peace situation of the region.

He apprised the dignitaries of the letter that he penned to the United Nations Security Council President over the Kashmir issue.

Qureshi said that months had passed since military clampdown by Indian forces in Occupied Kashmir and people have since been kept in dark by suspending means of communication in the Held Valley.

He said that the supporters of secular India were protesting against discriminatory Citizenship Amendment Act and Modi government is committing ceasefir e violations across the Line of Control to divert attention from internal turmoil.

The Foreign Minister stressed that Pakistan Army and people were fully committed to defending the motherland. “Pakistan is exposing India at every platform, he commented. It was decided in the meeting to continue the consultative session to discuss important foreign affairs,” he said.

Tension between Pakistan and India escalated after New Delhi illegally revoked Occupied Jammu and Kashmir’s special status on August 5.

Pakistan has been trying to internationalise the Kashmir issue but India claimed the removal of special status of Kashmir under Article 370 was its ‘internal matter.’

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that India had committed ceasefire violations for over 3000 times since January this year and more than 300 people have been targeted in these violations.

He said that there seemed a well thought-out plan of India to destroy peace in the region.

The inter-Ministerial meeting was attended by Special Assistant to PM on Information Firdous Ashiq Awan, Special Assistant to PM on National Security Division Dr Moeed Yousaf, Special Assistant to PM on Institutional Reforms Dr Ishrat Hussain, Foreign Secretary Sohail Mahmood and others.