BADIN              -            A large number of writers, poets, and social activists lauded the literary services of Shah Lutufullah Qadri at the event organised by Sindh Culture Department and Islamia College Badin here on Thursday. 

 The prominent poets and authors, including Professor Anwar Fagar Hakro, Saleem Solangi, Taj Joyo, Professor Abdullah Mallah, Abdul Jabbar Nizamani, Professor Tufail Ahmed Chandio, Dr Sharif-ud-Din Talpur and others also attended the event.

Addressing the gathering, prominent literary figure Taj Joyo credited Shah Lutufullah Qadri for igniting patriotism for motherland Sindh among the people through his genuine tyro (early) poetry. “He served Sindh with his poetry and poetic services,” he said.

The poetry of Shah Lutufullah Qadri revolved around the subjects of love, beauty, Sufism, nationalism, stoicism, sacrifice and truth.  Speaking at the event, Professor Anwar Fagar Hakro said that “Besides the literary flair, Qadri was an affable person whose personality and congeniality impressed all who met him.”

The renowned poet of Sindhi literary Shah Lutufullah Qadri possessed peerless mastery over imbuing his tyro (early) poetry with striking ideas.

Professor Abdullah Mallah said that “Words of Shah Lutufullah Qadri were so vivid that these would thrust the readers in reverie and made an image of the writing.”

He termed Shah Qadri as literary connoisseur of Sindh language of the province.

Professor Dr Sharif-ud-Din Talpur, Professor Tufail Ahmed Chandio, Professor Abdul Jabbar Nizamani, Saleem Solangi, Mohammad Khan Samoon and others also addressed the participants.