KARACHI - The markets of port city carry a deserted look, though the third Ashra of Ramadanul Mubarak begins, thanks to price hike.  Economists say common people have lost buying power because of unemployment and price hike. Moreover, insecurity has been adding to public woes.

Talking to The Nation a salesman said the shopping centres lack hustle and bustle as citizens are waiting for their salaries. He said, “I have spent 10 to 15 years in the markets, and I observed Musharraf regime was the golden age, when people spent lot of money in shopping but now they have been deprived of buying power.

Muhammad Rashid, a shopkeeper at Samama Shopping Centre said, “the citizens have already suppressed by the price hike during Ramazan, now they will have to spend money for Eid Shopping. I don’t know how they will manage all these things, despite of all economical crises.”    

Karachi University’s Research Economist Asghar Ali said, “unemployment, inflation, terrorism, sectarian violence and others are the major causes behind this worse economical situation. He said common people have lost buying power on account of the aforesaid causes.”