Every year since 2010, In which we saw the worst floods in the history of Pakistan, the country has experienced catastrophic overflow that kills hundred and wipes out millions of acres of prime farmland, harming heavily the agricultural economy. 

And in this way we wasted a large amount of portable water every year, water which we can use for our betterment wasted in a brutal way. 

As Kala Bagh Dam becomes a point scorer for our politician, it’s fine if some of the people of our country do not agree with it and it became controversial but it doesn’t end up with that we can’t build other dams. such structure is also crucial to help alleviate a chronic energy crisis. more than 30 percent of its power is coming from hydroelectric sources, the energy crisis has also put a brake on industrial productivity. So being an under-develop country we can’t progress without DAMS 


Karachi, July 12.