All the time spent with the patients in Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital was amazing. Talking to the child patients was a hard job. One of my patients was an old lady. She told me she was not eager to live anymore but was only in the hospital due to her family. Her family wanted her to stay to with them and get healthy. It was really special to know how much her family loved her. 

Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital is the only largest cancer hospital that serves the whole Pakistan. From my point of view, it is working better than my expectations. All the staff members are active and eager to help the patients. Even after 22 years, it is as good as new. I hope the work goes on and Shaukat Khanum keeps helping the cancer patients. It was truly an honor for me to be doing an internship at such a prestigious institute. 


Lahore, July 28.