One wise man said “A word of truth that hurts for a while is better than a lie that hurts a life time” This may be true for those who are not contaminated with lies , because they cannot speak truth. It is sad for a nation who is having a Prime Minister and his children’s not able to tell the truth to the people and also failed to justify the real sources of immense wealth to the JIT and submitted fabricated documents for the money trail. They used media, their loyalists stooges to attract JIT and refused to accept the JIT report. Courage is also required to accept wrongdoings. Unfortunately, our ruling elites are without morality and ethics.

Their greed had blinded them from their responsibilities of good governance and misery of the people they ruling. In the name of fake democracy, they fool the peoples with lies and broken promises, believing that people are having a short memory. JIT report is a damming indictment and charged sheet against the house of Sharif. It clearly states that PM is in possession of assets beyond known source of income. JIT recommends filing of reference against PM and his sons with NAB because a gap is found in the declared source of income and the wealth. If a country’s PM is not honest, how can he stop the public servants and others not to take bribes. I salute the Honourable Supreme Courts judges and JIT members who taken all the risks to find out truth about PM wealth who is rightly called by wise judges Godfather.


Lahore, July 11.