ATTOCK-Major (r) Tahir Sadiq won two National Assembly and one Punjab Assembly seats in the general elections 2018 by turning the table on those claiming to be heavyweights.

This time, the people inclined to the PTI, dreaming of new Pakistan where justice will prevail, people will have access to education, health, justice, having houses of their own, will get unadulterated foodstuff at reasonable prices and will get rid of feudalism and VIP culture.

In the district having two national and five provincial constituencies, the registered voters are 1210741 including 639651 male and 564099 female. Out of the registered voters 385602 male and 320074 female voters used their right thereby turning the table and showing 58.27 percent voting turnout. Thousands of supporters of Tahir visited his residence in Attock City to congratulate him. His supporters chanted slogans in his favour and were hoping that their leader will become chief minister of Punjab.

As per the final results released by the returning officer in NA-55 Attock, Tahir Sadiq won the seat and bagged 145168 votes, Sheikh Aftab Ahmad of PML-N, who is former federal minister, secured 101773 votes, Hafeez Ullah Jan of Tehreek Labaik Pakistan bagged 25429 votes, Asif Iqbal Allah-o-Akbar Tehreek secured 1111 votes, Taimoor Aslam of PTI Nazriati bagged 977 votes, Zulfiqar Hayat Khan of PPPP obtained 10936 votes, and Malik Mir Afzal Khan Pakistan Human Rights Party could bag only 269 votes .

In NA 56 Attock, Tahir Sadiq won the seat by clear majority by bagging 163326 votes where seven candidates were on the run while others including Malik Sohail Khan Kamrial of PML-N bagged 99404 votes, Saleem Haider of PPPP got 38779 votes, Syed Faisal Mehmood Shah bagged 62267 votes, Mehram Khan of Pakistan Justice and Democratic Party bagged 2815 votes, Shehryar Khan (Independent) bagged 21656 votes and Ghulam Asghar (Independent) secured 1559 votes.

In the district out of five provincial assembly seats, four have been bagged by PTI with almost clear majority. In PP-1 Attock Syed Yawar Hussain Bokhari won the seat by securing 39,567 votes while Hameed Akbar Khan Independent got 24,140 votes, Sardar Asim Nawaz bagged 5671 votes, Irfan Jaffer of PPPP secured 5,487 votes, Umer Arshad of TLP got 10803 votes, Muhammad Iqbal MMA got 5,249 votes, Noaman Khan Independent got 216 votes while Sheikh Salman Sarwar of PML-N could secure 24,007 votes.

In PP-2 Attock where seven candidates were on the run, Jahangir Khanzada of PML-N bagged the seat by securing 45,965 votes, Qazi Ahmad Akbar of PTI secured 42,879 votes, Changez Khan of MMA got 17,264 votes, Ahmad Khanzada of PPP secured 2,936 votes, Syed Tahir Ali Shah of TLP bagged 9699 votes, Shaukat Hayat of PJDP bagged 409 votes and Liaqat Mehmood Independent secured 526 votes.

In PP-3 Attock Maj (r) Tahir Sadiq bagged the seat by obtaining 62337 votes where seven candidates were on the run. Asif Ali Malik of PML-N secured 31,076 votes, Muhammad Riaz Khan of PPP got 25,329 votes, Taj Deen of MMA got 3,628 votes, Rahat Ali Khan of TLP 13,595 votes, Muhammad Arshad of Pakistan Sunni Tehreek got 368 votes and Imran Ali Khan of PJDP could bag only 810 votes.

In PP4 Attock Colonel Malik Muhammad Anwar PTI bagged this seat by obtaining 49589 votes where five candidates were on the run. Sher Ali Khan PML-N who bagged 40,460 votes, Malik Amanat Khan TLP bagged 39,689 votes, Malik Riasat Ali Khan Independent got 18643 votes and Muhammad Asghar of PPPP could bag only 9834 votes.

In PP-5 Attock, Malik Jamshed Altaf of PTI bagged this seat by obtaining 57136 where ten candidates were on the run. Malik Bahadur Yar PML-N got 36,086 votes, Pir Abbas Mohiuddin independent got 12143 votes, Syed Ahsan Mehmood Shah Gilliani TLP secured 29,163 votes, Malik Haroon Ramazan independent got 5633 votes, Sardar Manzar Amir Khan Independent got 8028 votes, Niaz Ali Malik secured 1399 votes, Raziq Dad Khan MMA secured 5190 votes, Khurram Shehzad Khan Muttahida Mashaikh Ulema Council bagged 235 votes and Daud Alam Tehreek Labbaik Islam could bag only 814 votes.