We often hear that women are being victimized by abuse, domestic violence, harassment, injustice, exploitation and many other problems in the modern world. Whether it is friendship, relationship, business, household or any other purpose, women are always the sufferers. So, the question arises, why? Why are women always oppressed? Why is this world so unfair to females?

By nature women are more emotional. They think from heart rather than using their mind. In every state, a woman has her emotional levels greater than anything else and she uses these sentiments for taking decisions as well. Whether she is a mother, sister, a girlfriend or wife, she has a sensitive attachment to the concerned person and will always try to resolve things peacefully by letting go. This causes her more harm as people take advantage of her and then leave. Women who are more practical and realistic tend to be more successful in their lives as they make decisions by analyzing all facts. Being a slave to your emotions and having no control over them can lead to risky consequences.

It is common for women to trust people for no reason. Not only in relationships but in common dealing and matters as well, women believe people without any reason, which leads to their exploitation. Trusting blindly is one of the women’s biggest mistakes – they do and then regret. Mostly in relationships, girls have faith in their partners up to an extent that they do not see the reality and other factors which are in front of them. For them everything is as their partners show them. They do not believe their parents, or friends, as far as their relationship is concerned.  When their trust is broken, they realize that they trusted the wrong person, but it’s too late by then – they have been emotionally and mentally exploited enough. The pain of a heart break for a woman is not easy to bear, but till that time all she can do is regret the past and be careful for the next time.

It is often said that women are bad at keeping secrets. It does not seem a big deal, but it makes a huge difference. Women are more likely to open up to their partners rather than anyone else,and it is obvious that they would trust their partners the most. They usually fail to keep their personal affairs, family matters, individual space and professional life hidden from their spouses or boyfriends, which gives them a chance to blackmail or attack the women personally whenever they have a fight or going through a breakup. Keeping personal space is very important in relationships, or even in marriages, because no matter how good your partner is, he might not remain the same forever. Telling your secrets to people is like giving them a key to access your heart; they may keep it or break it anytime they want.    

One of the most prominent facts is that women – especially in the eastern world – have less exposure to the world as compared to men. They are not as practical and think whatever they see or being told by their family or friends. On the other hand, men are more sensible at making decisions. They do not believe what they just see, but make their choices by making proper analysis of the circumstances and future consequences. So when it comes to making the life decision, women are most likely to fall for guys they like without pondering over the other factors like family, future, financial status etc. It might be the cause as to why they get exploited easily – emotionally or financially. However, later in their married life, they regret the decision.  

One of the chief reasons for victimization of women is that they are not financially and emotionally independent. Even a modern and working woman needs a man to make her living, as the society does not allow women to live individually. When one cannot take decisions on her own, is not allowed to do anything without permission, is not able to lead a life of her own choice, how can you expect her not to be the victim of issues like domestic abuse, sexual and financial exploitation or harassment? This is because the majority of the women do not have any backup support, or anywhere to go, except the husband’s house so she has to compromise anyway.

Many women live in a world of fantasy. It seems very irrational but this is an element not to be ignored. Women usually visualize their lives based on novels and dramas where a prince charming enters her life and makes everything beautiful for her:Cinderella’s prince changed her life and they lived happily ever after. Unfortunately in real life, nothing like this happens. Famous characters of novels like Salaar, Jehan Sikander, Edward Cullen – someone who loves the girl, fights for her, treats her like a princess and so on. His charming looks, a height of 6 feet, army uniform, bold character and romantic feelings are the fantasies that every girl has, and when any of these gets fulfilled they start visualizing the same life they have seen in stories. Sadly, life is much bitter, and when it shows the true colors, poor girls’ hearts have already been broken.

Women are more emotional by nature and always have a soft corner for the ones they love. No matter how bad has been done to them in the past, when it comes to forgiving, they easily forgive the person and give him another chance just by seeing his tears. For them a crying man is a symbol of being guilty rather than improving his actions. When people know that another chance will be given to them, they keep repeating the same actions, because they know how to justify them. They play blame game by acting as a victim and blaming their partner for their abusive behavior and actions. They know that their partner is not going to leave them and will be easily convinced. Women are not firm on their decisions to leave a person permanently;they just keep giving warnings and second chances and keep getting disappointed on false hopes that they would change.

It is said that men move on more easily as compared to women. One of its main reasons is that men accept the reality and are more realistic. They keep themselves engaged in their work and routine so that they forget things easily. On the other hand, women keep thinking about the past – how happy they were before, how people were before, why did everything change – and keep blaming themselves or others for what happened rather than accepting the reality and letting go. They get more emotionally attached to someone they love and take more time to move on, which is the main reason that they keep on being deceived on the hope that things can turn back to be normal.

Majority of the women especially in the east are taught that their husbands are their God. They have to obey them in every matter and because of that women suffer a lot. They have to tolerate everything even that is unjust, just because of their partner’s wish. At some point women become so used to the injustice done to them, that they teach their daughters the same thing and the trend goes on and on. In the eastern world, women are blamed for destroying their married life so they keep on bearing the abuse of their husbands and in-laws just because of the fear that their married life would get damaged.

This is a natural fact that women are physically weaker than men. They are powerless in many cases just because of their gender and have to be silent. The fact that a large number of women are raped, harassed, acid attacked, kidnapped, beaten and killed by men is because as they are helpless owing to the difference in physical strength. Sexual exploitation of women is also very common in marriages or relationships because of the same reason. Especially in the eastern countries, where the law and order situation is full of corruption, it is not easy for women to get justice.