KARACHI – Like other religious and political parties of the country, the Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen had also declared the three-point agenda to make consensus with other political parties on the seats adjustment in the upcoming general elections, The Nation learnt on Friday.

The MWM will field more than 50 candidates on provincial seats and 20 on national seats in the whole province while in Karachi 10 candidates will contest on the provincial slots and 11 on the national seats. The nomination forms of all the candidates will be submitted till March 31, 2013. Conversely, five candidates of MWM have already submitted their nomination forms for the national and provincial slots of NA-252, NA-253, NA-258, PS-117 and PS-126. However, names of these candidates, include Shakir Ali Raojani (PS-117), Didar Jalbani (PS-126), Hussain Karimi (NA-252), Asghar Zaid (NA-253) and Maulana Ali Hussaini (NA-258).  

Sources in the party said that the central leaders of MWM, which has recently achieved the status to contest in the general election, have developed three point agenda to seek consensus on the seats adjustment in the city on the national and provincial slots, where the party is not willing to field its candidates.

These three points included: disagreement with the US foreign polices showing dual standards for this region, opposition to every kind of terrorism and reverence for Islam and other faiths.  When The Nation contacted the central leader of MWM Asghar Zaidi, he said that the MWM wanted complete religious harmony in the country but there are some forces working on the line of international satanic forces like the US.

“We can compromise with any political and religious party on different seats where the party is not willing to directly contest, but these parties must voice against double standard foreign polices of the US; they should be against every sort of terrorism especially hitting Pakistan, and the third point is very important that bound ally to respect Islam and other faiths also. MWM believes that the third point is quite important that can create peace and harmony among the multi-lingual and multi-faith population of the country,” he said.

Talking about the recent MWM election campaign, he said that the party would also contest on NA-257 and Sajjad Akbar is nominated for this slot by MWM, while his nomination form will be submitted later, he added. 

He maintained that MWM decided that Shakir Ali Rajvani, Maulana Didar Jalwani, Ali Hassan and Dr Hassan Abbas Rizvi will contest on the provincial slots, including PS-117, PS-126, PS-127 and PS-130 respectively. He asserted that some important decisions regarding the general polls will be taken later. 

Zaidi advised the citizens not to give their votes to corrupt, dishonest and fascist groups and candidates, and pointed out that the right use of vote can root out the existing terrorism from the country.