Once upon a time, the Shikarpur city was Perris, in which foreigners use to come for hunt and visiting. Now the condition of this city is immense worst alongwith stagnant water and debris. If someone ever visits a town in Shikarpur, he will be welcomed by a revolting stench. This is because of the poor sanitation system in all major towns. Open drains and stagnant water as well as uncovered manholes appreciating to the Past Perris city. Open sewers and heaps of garbage have created so many problems for residents of this city.

Furthermore, it has been reached near to flood condition owing to the negligence of concerned authority. In other words, it is looking like a beach of sea view. Citizens are disappointed with concerned relevant authorities. I am beseeching to the Chief Justice of Pakistan kindly take stern action against concerned authorities and save this city.


Shikarpur, March 18.