TANDO MUHAMMAD KHAN                  -              The city reported its first coronavirus positive case on Monday.

According to Dr Mohammad Ali Memon, the coronavirus test of Manzoor Ahmed Memon, 70, was found posi­tive. The man had returned from Raiwind a few days ago where he had gone to attend a religious congrega­tion (tableeghi ijtama). Fol­lowing confirmation of the presence of virus in him, the Health Department also conducted tests of his family members.

Hospital sources said Man­zoor’s wife and whole family members were quarantined at their home in Naseerabad Mohallah with due police and Rangers’ security.

Focal Person for COVID-19, T.M.Khan Dr Muhammad Ali Memon visited the pa­tient’s house and briefed his mother and other family members about sensitivity of the situation.

The family members as­sured the visiting official of their full cooperation.

However, the district health officer was not forthcoming when asked to comment on the first case of Covid-19 re­ported from the city.