The UK based Justice Foundation Kashmir Centre has welcomed the offer of talks by the Indian Prime Minister with the Kashmiri leadership and resumption of stalled dialogue with Pakistan. However, the Centre Director Prof.Nazir Ahmad Shawl said the development could only be appreciated if the basic premise of the Kashmiri struggle is accepted which is that Kashmiris are the principal and basic party to the dispute. He called for ceasing violence of every form in order that a conducive environment is created for a constructive, positive and productive dialogue to commence. Prof.Shawl further suggested that the catchword be aflexibility of all the parties to the dispute and recognise that any moribund rhetoric can not pave a way forward. 'Peace is a requirement for progress and prosperity, and the Kashmiri desire for peace should be backed by the international community, putting its weight behind a well meaning peace process be it tripartite or trilateral. He said the entire Kashmiri political leadership needs to take a joint stand for the political future of the J & K state and that the Kashmiri right to self determination is non negotiable.