islamabad -  The Federal Ombudsperson giving a decision in a sexual harassment case has directed the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) to remove the teacher from service against whom a student had filed charges.  

Federal Ombudsman Secretariat For Protection Against Harassment of Women At Work Place after detailed review of the decision of inquiry committee of the university and hearing arguments of both parties, imposed a major penalty of “removal from service” of respondent under Section 4(ii) (c) of Act 2010 for Protection against Harassment of Women at workplace, said the decision.

Authorities of LUMS University have also been directed to implement the order in letter and spirit.

A student of Sheikh Ahmed Hassan School of Law, LUMS, had filed an appeal with the Ombudsperson against the decision of university inquiry committee as she was not satisfied with inquiry of university committee. She had alleged that her teacher harassed her with derogatory remarks and touched her shoulder.

But the university inquiry committee instead of taking the case as sexual harassment took it as a highly unprofessional conduct and “conduct unbecoming” and recognised that the teacher should write an apology letter to his student which clearly and unequivocally demonstrated his contrition and repentance.

Later, a direct evidence of video footage also confirmed the incident, according to officials.

The Federal Ombudsperson observed in the decision that it was very astonishing that in spite of his admission inquiry committee considered the act of teacher as “highly un professional conduct” and “conduct unbecoming”, instead of taken it as sexual harassment issue just in fear of losing a brilliant teacher.

It was also observed that inquiry committee and vice chancellor did not impose any penalty that seems to be very surprising by a reputable institute of higher learning because teacher is always a role model for students. What students learn from their great teachers is not detailed in syllabus.

They inspired and admire the behaviour of their teacher for developing a good personality.

The Federal Ombudsperson affirmed that the conduct and behaviour of the teacher definitely fell under the definition of sexual harassment as no person under the umbrella of a teacher is allowed to disgrace a female student or to save himself or by his employees under the grab of highly valuable faculty member as expressed by competent authority of LUMS.

“Act of respondent was a sexual demeaning attitude which somehow has been admitted by the teacher himself and by the inquiry committee in its report. Whereas on ground of delay in filing appeal it is observed that such technicalities have to be avoided to meet the end of justice and give protection to human rights,” the decision observed.