The freedom of Pakistan is a great blessing. The protection of this independence has become a test for the people of Pakistan. Allah Almighty has given us limitless resources. Though, we are gifted with a lot of qualities but at the same time we have several negative aspects; sensationalism, negative trends, and the deterioration of moral values, to name a few. Unfortunately, this negativity has become our temperament in general. There is lack of seriousness, arguments and decency in our society. No doubt, we should be determined and enthusiastic in order to offer the responsibilities and face the challenges. But history shows that the religious and political leaderships which have the qualities of wisdom and tolerance can lead the nation and the country during the crisis.

Pakistan is a country where Muslims are in majority. But there is a minority of non-Muslims too. There are different sects and nations. It is also true that Muslim majority divided into different sects. It is necessary to believe in the ideology of Pakistan. We should also try to implement it. There should be an atmosphere of sympathy and tolerance. Democracy is necessary for the achievement of this objective. For the change of leadership and system not only democracy and elections are required but democratic attitude is also needed. Decency and mutual understanding are the basis of a nation. It is the need of the hour that we should struggle hard instead of accusing each other. No one can deny the fact that a developing nation has to work hard four times more than a developed nation in order to live a life of honour and dignity.

Knowledge and wisdom is a great treasure. This lost treasure can only be found with effort and devotion. People who gained victory over their opponents, they chose the way of dialogue. Major issues can be resolved with a balance attitude and negotiations. We got independence 70 years before and passed through many difficulties. Our country is in a situation that involves danger due to the wrong policies and attitudes of the past, while the countries who got freedom with us, have left us far behind in health, education, democracy and industrial development. Pakistan followed the foreign agenda and bore the loss which cannot be compensated. Now national security, integrity, industrial development, democracy and parliamentary system of the country is in serious danger. If we want to make our country prosperous, we should struggle constantly. We should have patience, consistency, wisdom and passion. We have been deviated from the Islamic principles and the objectives of Pakistan. We have lost our independence, dignity and honour. We are depending on others for everything. IMF and World Bank are making our policies. It seems that we are in a whirlpool. The question is that how can we get rid of this situation?

Senate, Parliament and provincial assemblies present a scene of fish market. There is no legislation. A blame game is continued. Free media is adding fuel to fire. Talk shows are creating a kind of sensationalism and aggression. It appears that the protest against injustice and deprivation is being suppressed. People are disappointed because they do not have basic facilities. They are jobless and feeling themselves insecure. In short, they are empty handed. Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) has ordered that we should not only save ourselves from the atrocities of others but also try to stop those people who are responsible for the atrocity. In democratic system, people vote for their favourite candidates and when they come into power they have two options. Firstly, a candidate can serve the people and the country and earn good reputation in this way. Secondly, he can misuse the power for the fulfilment of his personal interests.

The enemies have challenged us on different fronts. Sometime, they pose a threat to our security. They create a sense of terror, confusion and hopelessness. We have to face these challenges wisely and patiently. I would like to present few suggestions in this regard so that the conditions may improve.

We should take guidance from the Resolution of Objectives for the confidence and unity among the people. Instead of, following the footsteps of others, the constitution of Pakistan should be regarded supreme. We should act upon the ideology of Pakistan completely, if we want to become a nation. There shouldn’t be any difference of opinion about the objectives of the creation of Pakistan.

A consensus should be developed among the different elements of the society. We should find out the reasons for the deterioration. It should be remembered while making the task forces that depressed minds cannot bring any revolution. Durable solution lies in accountability and reformation. Before facing the external enemy, we have to face the internal enemy. We must think that why we are valueless? Though, we are a population of more than 200 billion. Resources, abilities, skills and hard work, all are losing their significance.

The relations between civil and military and other institutions of state are very important for the development and the prosperity of the country. The political and democratic forces should prove their ability, capacity and honesty. These forces should get rid of the corrupt people. The constitution, law, Parliament and other institutions have their domains but it is absolutely strange that powerful sections of society are involved in corruption. They rule in Pakistan but keep their properties in abroad. Democracy is not a guarantee for stability and prosperity in a society. We have to change our plan of action.

People are the basis of democracy. Stability and progress is impossible without the people. They want peace, security, jobs, health and education facilities for their children. National resources should be divided among the people equally. Especially the poor and deprived sections of society want the protection of their rights. Women are the two-third of the population but are still suffering from deprivation of their rights as a citizen. We have to prepare a strategy based on justice and equality for the solution of economic problems of the people.

Perhaps it is the most significant event of our 70 years history that the ruling family is being held accountable for the corruption exposed in Panama Leaks. Every corrupt person should be tried in the court. The nation has filed its case in the Supreme Court for justice.

It is obvious that in a country like Pakistan, parliamentary democracy, constitution and ideology of Pakistan is the real strength. Marshal Law is not a solution to any problem. The democratic process cannot be strengthened with elections only. Elections should be free and fair, so tha, the confidence of the people can be restored.

If we want peace and progress in our country, then everyone should be held accountable, whether he is rich or poor. Difference between the rich and the poor should come to an end. Everyone in the country should be treated with respect and his life and honour must be secured. The rich and the powerful people should be just and honest. False claims cannot bring stability and prosperity in the country.