KARACHI-Mohabbat Na Kariyo is the latest drama airing on Geo TV taking over our TV screens these days with its brilliant storyline and stellar cast.

The drama is a romantic story that centers on two people who belong to totally different worlds, and the troubles they go through when they fall in love.

Produced by Hassan Zia, written by SaminaEjaz and directed by Syed Ahmed Kamran, Mohabbat Na Kariyo is an immaculate portrayal of powerful emotions portraying love, innocence, envy, and hatred.

The ensemble cast of Mohabbat Na Kariyo includes big names like AtiqaOdho, Zarnish Khan, MariyamNafees, and Ali Ansari.

The main leads of the drama are Junaid Khan; starring as Asad, a selfless, loving and down to earth guy who belongs to a high-class family and Hira Mani; starring as Zara, a selfless, loving and down to earth girl who belongs to a middle-class family.

The drama opened with a beautiful scene with Junaid Khan in a simple black shirt as he confessed his love to the girl he loves with such brilliance that you can’t help but believe the pureness of his words. It was like you could just keep rewinding to watch Junaid Khan recite the vows of love and you still wouldn’t get bored of him.

Back at their homes, we see that Asad and Zara live in two different worlds. Zara belongs to a middle-class family with a terminally ill sister. Asad has an arrogant younger sister and a business tycoon mother who pretends to be sweet but plays tricks to get what she wants.

The drama has aired 3 episodes so far and the story has taken off pretty well. Asad and Zara have gotten married despite their family’s reluctance in the beginning and Asad’s mother is already setting up plans to separate the two.

It hasn’t even been a few days to their marriage and she has sent Asad out of the country to manage an international contract. Asad agrees to fulfill his mother’s request even though he does not want to leave behind Zara and bids goodbye to Zara.

This scene was also very touching because Junaid Khan simply nailed his expressions in this scene. We could see the emotions on his face and in his dialogue delivery, which made the audience connect to him even more.

With his charming looks, he perfectly pulls off the role of this heartthrob, with the kind of a personality that makes you like the character instantly.

When he plays a super romantic character supported with high-quality acting, it makes the audience fall in love with him even more. He moves the viewers with his eloquent dialogue delivery, giving it the exact energy that it deserves, neither making it look overdone, neither underwhelming.

His acting prowess and his choice of challenging roles is the reason Junaid Khan has reached new heights of fame in such a short period of time, impressing with all the different kinds of roles that he takes. We are excited to watch him in this new avatar in “Mohabbat Na Kariyo” and see what he would be bringing to our screens this time.