LAHORE - Muhammad Ali is a licensed Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer, Silva Ultramind ESP instructor, hypnotherapist, body language trainer, sports mind coach who believes in breaking taboos by training people to discover their best abilities.

He is based in Dubai and was in Pakistan to training sessions. He also had training sessions with the Pakistan Women Cricket Team. Talking to The Nation Ali said that it was his privilege and pride to come back to Pakistan and train people here. “I have convinced many people to relive their lives with a new spirit even after they lost all hope,” he said.

Ali started his career as a mechanical engineer in Oil and Gas companies like Schulmberger and Shell.

Spending 10 years in corporate sector he decided to start his own training institute.

His passion to excel took him into sports world, after doing his Level 1 certificate from ICC, he went on to do a Level 2 coaching course from PCB.

“Cricket has always been my passion so I started my own cricket academy in UAE. “I have a passion for philanthropy so I started helping people in finding jobs in the Middle East,” Ali explained. 

Ali is an author of a small booklet called Job Seekers Handbook and is currently writing a book called Talking CVs.

His other philanthropist activities include fund raising campaigns for Pakistan’s poor students and other community welfare projects.

He has been trained by the co-founder of NLP Dr Richard Bandler and its society president John LaVelle.

“I always enjoy my on-stage performances in various communities, colleges and universities.

“All is not lost and people need to discover how to achieve their personal best by overcoming limitations and maximizing their potential,” he said.

He recently held a session with the Pakistan women cricket team at National Cricket Academy Lahore.

Lately, NLPhas been described as the science of success and achievement. Ali said, “Through these sessions, people can master their emotions and easily create instant motivation and confidence.

“They can do more powerful communication, activate and align one’s internal resources to achieve success.

Answering on why to join his sessions, he said “Our training is the best programme because it adds more value to every aspect of your life and enhances the effectiveness in ways that will delightfully surprise you.

And if people join these sessions they can use their own imagination to spend a better life,” he added.