No, Army or ‘establishment’ is not behind the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif, rather its is his own doings. And no, democracy is not ‘derailed’ after Nawaz left the Prime Minister's House.

I don’t know why a section is targeting ‘establishment’ for ouster of Mr Sharif because no one asked him to do corruption, buy London Flats in 1990s (for proof see statements of PML-N leaders, Siddiq-ul-Farooq, Chaudhry Nisar). I am rather doubtful that military had pressurised him to establish offshore Nescol and Nelson companies and ‘keep’ their accounts in Panama. I am also highly skeptical; military had conspired against him giving him suggestion to do business with ‘Mr Qatari Prince.’ It also seems unlikely that some ‘establishment official’ forced him to get an Iqama of a Marketing Manager for company of his own son. I don’t think military forced Nawaz and Sharif family to exchange ‘gifts’ either. 

Furthermore, it is improbable that military hide the ‘money trail’ of Sharifs about which Supreme Court requested to Sharif family’s lawyers, time and again to present but somehow it remained unavailable.

If I am not wrong, Nawaz Sharif was given ‘political birth’ by military dictator General Zia-ul-Haq (he used to go on Zia’s death anniversary till 1996), Nawaz was the one who refused to abolish Article 62, 63 during the 18th Amendment, he was the one who reached Supreme Court wearing ‘black coat’ against then Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani (somehow remind me of General Shuja Pasha in this regard but cannot figure out, why). Anyways, after doing so much, Mr Sharif has proved to be his own worst enemy.

And back to this Panama issue, I am still not convinced that military along with ‘international conspirators’ planned against Mr Sharif so that he could be de-seated as Prime Minister of Pakistan. I would like to disagree with Saad Rafique, obviously with respect, that it is an international conspiracy targeting Nawaz, Putin and Cameron because in my humble opinion, Nawaz adventured from London Flats all the way to Iqama, totally by himself, so stop blaming ‘establishment’ for his wrongdoings.

Hence, don’t blame each and everything on others, yes, there is corruption in those establishment intuitions and I think these institutions came under Prime Minister (correct me if I am wrong) so he should have ordered accountability and showed them the people power (as he was elected).

But, I think for that one must not be a finance minister of military regime (hint mid '80s), use ‘secret funds’ to win elections (hint late '80s), ouster PPP government (hint mid '90s) and some other instance because you have to draw a line somewhere, right? But it is the opinion of a layman like me, so, you can ignore it, totally.

And as far as ‘derailment of democracy’ is concerned, the ex-PM has already strengthened it by nominating his own younger brother Shahbaz Sharif and I am hoping it will be stronger when Shahbaz Sharif’s son, Hamza Sharif, will become Punjab chief minister (as he is one of the strong candidates), so no need to worry for ‘democracy’.